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Whipped Cold Process Soap? What is it?

Yes! So much fun to make and I love how the soap looks when done. So what is the difference? And how is it different than your traditional cold process soap? … will it is whipped! and its all natural handmade soaps with real oils.

My whipped soap is made with a blend of rich oils that are beaten until they reach a smooth, fluffy texture. First you start you’re your solid oils such as… Coconut oil, Palm oils, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butters, etc….and then your liquid carrier oils such as Sweet Almond oils, Olive oils, Sunflower oils, Hemp Oils etc etc.

Whipped soap is similar to cold process soap because both use ingredients that do not have to be heated, however, whipping is faster to process at the beginning but does require more time to cure.

Whipped soaps starts with knowing and mastering. The process is unique in a couple of ways. Instead melting all of the solid and liquid oils and lye in a hot soap pot, you WHIP both the oils and soap in a bowl. Instead of working at about 100 degrees, you do everything at room temperature. The result is a very white, opaque, almost candy-like soap that gives beautiful pastel colors the best part is.. they float! The soap is whipped for a long period of time making the soap so light that it floats in the water. Once the soap is added to the mold, I cover my mold as I would normally do and the soap does heat up but slowllllly. Curing time takes much longer. I cure mine for at least 8 weeks instead of my traditional 4-6 weeks.

And there ya go. Try one of our whipped soap bars!

Thank you for stopping by! :-)


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