New Rich African Liquid Black Soap 8 oz- Body Care~Skincare

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Lather up with this silky smooth liquid black soap. It is very gentle and made with the same ingredients as our natural African black soap.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING:This liquid black soap has a thin/milky type consistency and if used as a body wash, it is best a sponge or nylon sponge for the best lather. If you use a wash cloth, it will not lather very well.

**This can be used as a body wash or lathered as a shampoo

Suggested Uses: Showering & Bathing. A small amount of this liquid black soap goes a long way! Squeeze a small amount of the liquid black soap onto a natural sponge, or a nylon sponge (if you want a good lather) or cloth, then Lather the way you would any other liquid soap.No SLSNo artificial color. For the hair: Shake well before each use. Use a small amount in your hand and wash as you would normally wash your hair rinse well and to complete your hair treatment, use a conditioner. Your hair will love you for it

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