All Natural Vegetable Protein Deodorant Stick

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This deodorant is a vegetable protein that converts the enzymes of odor into a simple salt. A great alternative to commercial deodorants.

A vegetable protein neutralizes the enzymes that cause odor to a simple salt. No aluminums, alcohols or bacteriacides that have been a concern with long term use. This vegetable based deodorant is both effective and an alternative to those commercial products.

What is the difference between this handmade deodorant vs store bought antiperspirant? Just about every store bought deodorant or antiperspirant contains aluminum and other chemicals to help you stop perspiring. Why do we perspire under our arms, because it’s our bodies way for cooling down. Using antiperspirant may cause build up and block us from sweating. We sweat for a reason why would you want to block it?

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